About the three choices below.

Comfort Cape™  – Our improved “Velcro Only” closure design. Available in Royal Blue, Black and Burgundy.

Comfort Cape™ (6 Pack) – Save $5 off each cape when you buy 6 of our improved Velcro Only closure. Choose any mixture of three colors.

Comfort Cape™ Classic – The original design with Buckles & Velcro closures.  This model also uses our improved Velcro closure design. Available in Royal Blue, Black and Burgundy.


“CLASSIC: BUCKLES AND VELCRO” is recommended for use with individuals whom have tremors or other autonomic movements; individuals who tend to pull at objects being worn; or individuals whom have sensory issues around the neck area. 
VELCRO ONLY is recommended for post-operative patients whom have bandages or other medical devices in use. The Velcro only model is also recommended for most applications in your home or hair salon. 

Comfort Cape
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